July 17 Family Friday

Sensational Science

The Ruff Ruffman Show is a series from PBS designed to help kids ages four to eight learn core science concepts through videos, game-play, and hands-on activities. The series stars canine host extraordinaire Ruff Ruffman, who, along with his assistants, Blossom and Chet, answers questions from real kids, takes on challenges, and learns the value of failure—all while modeling science inquiry skills.

We will be using a journal with all of our activities this week.   You can download and print the journal all at once or you can download and print each section when you get to each activity.  Download the entire journal here.

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Activity One: 

Mix it Up! Playing with Mixtures

Activity Two: 

Material World.  Investigating Material Science.

Activity Three: 

Stick or Slide? Exploring Friction

Activity Four: 

Build it Up! Learning About Structures

Activity Five: